John Kerry enjoy developments in Marrakech

The American Secretary of State has enjoyed his time in Marrakech. COP22 Earth Summit found there place.

The Minister had a private meeting with King Mohammed VI during his visit to the Summit between 7 and 18 november. In a statement to the press, he wrote that the meeting with the King was very extensive and very positive. ' President Barack Obama and I are grateful for the quality of the relationship we have with the his Majesty Mohammed VI, Morocco and the Government, "wrote Kerry.

The organization said about Kerry that Morocco has done a great job. ' The 22nd session of the United Nations Conference in Marrakech will result in a stronger will on the ' Paris Convention ' which is the climate deal. '

Kerry also took the time to explore Marrakech and ran under more around in the famous shopping streets. On Facebook is to see that he at one of the many boutiques. "Everyone admires the Moroccan crafts, including the American Foreign Affairs Minister and Ambassador Dwight Bush, stood by.

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