What if Baby no Government can form?

Duncan Baby mag to Premier his second term beginning and must see to form a coalition. What if him that fails?

Telquel presents four scenarios that can enter into force if the Prime Minister asks the intervention of the King.

If Baby to King Mohammed VI and announces that he fails to form a majority can always call him the King a second round. Such a scenario took place when Hassan II was still the King. The Wifak Kutla and the parties were the main players. Mohammed VI also can encourage the parties would be in the national interest to think and to compromises.

That says political analyst Omar Cherkaoui. It must be remembered that the King is responsible for the security of government institutions.

If Baby fails the King can suggest to someone else in the PJD party as leader. This should be someone who is better placed to form a coalition.

' Why not ', says Nadia Bernoussi, politics specialist. If everything is blocked and can not boteren be decided to nominate someone from the second largest party to form and lead the Government. Omar Cherkaoui points out, however, that it is unlikely that the King appoints someone from the opposition to head the Government. That's only been seeing to the support that Mohammed VI granted to Baby.

If ultimate resort can Mohammed VI decide to announce early elections. Although this extreme solution will cost about 600 million dirham, it cannot be ruled out if there but no majority can be formed. Bernoussi advocates: ' the most radical and most suitable solution is to dissolve Parliament and to join the elections. '

Marks also directly her political affiliation.

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