Again demonstration in Al Hoceima

The anger after the death of Mahato Fair remains in Al Hoceima.

Protesters gathered last weekend again on Place des Martyrs and chanted slogans in which particular emphasis was put on freedom, dignity and justice. The protesters also waved with photos of Fikri, Amazigh-flags and portraits of independence activist Abdelkrim El Khattabi, reports AFP news agency.

The protest comes two days after the announcement of a strike by two unions in sea fishing. The Moroccan Trade Union (UMT) and the Democratic Confederation (CDT) are the trade unions go on strike on 22 and 23 november. They want a number of members arrested because they contributed to the death of Fair. It comes to officials who work in fisheries.

Eight people were in custody for the time being placed after the shocking death of Fair. Three others were also arrested but have been temporarily released. The National Council for human rights run parallel to the judicial investigation also own research.

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