Morocco Council of scholars publishes books against extremism

The Division of the Council of Scholars in Mohammedia yesterday in Rabat a series of scientific books published in the fight against extremism.

The books cover different key concepts in which religious extremists are hiding and distortion to hatred and violence. The are seven books and be accommodated in the series titled ' Islam and the contemporary context '. The books speak under more about the concept of jihad and the jizya.

The studies are published on the official website of the Council and is the work of a specialized unit in collaboration with research centres all over Morocco. The Secretary-General of the Council, Ahmed Abbadi, said that the scientific project in life is called to be the authentic vision of the Koran and the Sunnah.

Also terms like jihad, holy war, jizya and other concepts to be clarified to justify hatred and violence, said Abbadi.