84-year-old Moroccan man held family does story (video)

Since everyone has been last night, the excessive police action against the 84-year-old man.

Last night quickly circulated footage showing was that a very elderly Moroccan man on disproportionate way was handcuffed and detained by members of the law enforcement law. On amateur footage was to see that the man, who showed no resistance, handcuffed and taken away by several police officers. During this excess screamed the man with pain, much to the anger of many bystanders.

During the evening were the images shared on social media thousands of times after which Amsterdam police could no longer back and responded to the incident. In a short response to a comment on Facebook let one know that the man in question was taken to the Office since he did not ID could hand over. Given the man a confused impression and also not communicate in Arabic was possible, it was decided to arrest. In the response the way of action deplored, it would have had to otherwise.

One day further shows that the relevant police station still don't bother to, at the very least, to apologize to the stricken man. In a broadcast of heart of Netherlands let his daughter out on the issue. In tears told them that her father, who light at the dementeren is, no less than three hours, was locked in a police cell. Having regard to its spiritual lesser State was when coming home he completely panicked and upset.

During his arrest and even at his release there was in no way an excuse on the man or his family. This is also what the family at least expected, thus his daughter Hanane El Faghloumi. One wishes a conversation with the Mayor about the police action.