Woman robs bank account empty neighbor in Fes

The saying ' trust no one ' nowadays you can go full on in this matter.

To the Moroccan medium Ahdath Al Maghribia recently something very remarkable happened in Fes. The local authorities there held a woman to bizarre reason. The woman in question was responsible for emptying the checking account of her own neighbor.

The robbed neighbor came up behind the offence after they wanted money. At the bank machine arrived there to her amazement came out that there were no balance more stood on her account. Alarm bells started to ring right away in the woman and she retired the police in.

After some brief research knew the police to find out who there as last the full money amount of the Bill had included. Using camera images, requested from the bank, the victim was asked if she recognized the woman on the images. Full of surprise to know that the woman gave it to her neighbor went, people where they lived next to for years. It is not yet known exactly how the woman managed to steal her debit card and personal identification number (PIN) at all how they had become obsolete.

At interrogation the suspect denied any involvement. She would probably pass during one of the visits to her neighbour have stolen.