Former Governor Morocco jailed for meindeed

A lawmaker and former elected Governor is sentenced to ten months imprisonment on appeal for committing perjury.

He also has 40,000 dirham to pay compensation to the plaintiff. The politician was working as a member of Parliament and before as Governor of a town and municipality in the province of Chichaoua. Side note is that the penalty is conditional. The fine of 500 dirhams and compensation of 40,000 he must just pay, so already knew Massae to report yesterday.

An accomplice was given four months probation and to pay the same fine and compensation because he had put on others to fake testimonials. The case goes back to 2011, when the parliamentary elections took place. He lodged a complaint against one of his political rivals and accused him of it in local mosques to have handed out gifts to moskeeganger.

He also would have called witnesses to establish that there are indeed gifts are handed out. They proved to have received the necessary cents against the man to testify. Later, there were no gifts to be given to voters.