Moroccan light Belgian investor on for 10 million dirham

A Belgian woman has a Moroccan man charged with weighing a big scam worth ten million dirham.

The case was high and was even picked up by the Minister of Justice, Mustapha Ayodele. He showed great interest in the case in which the accused a Moroccan Belgian, reports Ahdath Al Maghribiya. The Ministry reports that Interpol has been given a mandate by the Ministry to the suspect to active search. The suspect fled the country for fear of persecution.

The woman threatened with a sit-in before the Court of Tiznit and demands of Justice to act quickly. They had him entrusted large sums of money for an investment project in Morocco. According to the newspaper would have been gambled away much of that money in the casinos of Agadir.

The victim made the money because they believed that the man, who they had met over the internet, car rental points would be set up in Tiznit, Marrakech and Essaouira.

mustapha ayodele