Perpetrators kidnapping Moroccan widows get prison

The Court of appeal in El Jadida has two persons to 16 years ' imprisonment for the kidnapping and attempted rape of a widow.

The two each received eight years and would have forced the woman to go along under menace of knives. She also tried to rape her when she was injured, reports Assabah today. The woman is a widow and mother of four children and lodged a complaint with the Court. When she after her work in a village in El Haouzia left home, she was kidnapped by the two perpetrators.

They forced her to go to a place in a desert where they were planning to rape her. Her employer spent salvation when he noticed something was not right. He could not, however, address the perpetrators because they also threatened him with knives. The attackers were found earlier with the woman have experienced. She served previously also complained because of harassment against one of them.

He got eight months imposed but the woman pulled the complaint at the last minute in after they got some ' services ' provided by his family. In the dock denied the perpetrators initially but soon proved their stories not negotiable. When one of the perpetrators chose eggs for money and confess came the punishment of eight years out of the hat of the judge.

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