Morocco comes with National Center for children's rights

In Morocco recently found the National Congress for children's rights in Marrakech under Presidency of Princess Lalla Meryem.

During the Congress, which was held for the 15th time, were important steps for the protection of the rights of the child. The theme of the Conference was "renewing the collective commitment to the rights of children and adolescents '. Lalla Meryem gave the go-ahead for the creation of the National Centre for the defense of child victims.

Fourteen projects were also launched to the topic to deal with. These include leading to the strengthening of the role of lawyers, in particular by launching the Charter of honour. Also the National Children's Rights Observatory partner agreements with lawyers. Lawyers get a more leading role in the defense of child victims at all stages of a lawsuit.

Participants in the Congress, which falls under the protection of King Mohammed VI, also decided to make the project "Safe Cities for Children ' to roll out nationwide. In the region Tanger-Tetouan were nice results achieved around the theme. In addition, the role of teachers will be more important in detection of any form of child abuse.

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