Moroccan student for 24 hours kidnapped in Sefrou

A kidnapping that the inhabitants of Sefrou one day held in suspense.

In Sefrou found recently a very notable kidnapping. For one day was a 12-year-old schoolgirl by her freedom taken away by her kidnappers. According to Al Ahdath Al Maghribia Moroccan medium was the 12-year-old girl after a school day on the way to a store to purchase some provisions when they fell into the hands of the kidnappers.

When her family found out she not home for unknown reason they switched the authorities gave in. Despite the police investigation came the 12-year-old Brittney soon again. Not far from her parents ' House, she was dropped off.

Having regard to the fact that the girl had suffered physically nothing visible in the form of abuse or something like that, she was brought to the nearest hospital for further investigation. The medici found that there may be also there was no rape or sexual assault. The girl will still have to emotionally to have to come from the nasty experience.

The kidnapping was carried out by two culprits, one of them is the police already. He was recently arrested.