Three detention in blackmail case Said Sadeghi

The Moroccan justice is busy with the case Sadeghi.

A huge stain on the career of chaabi singer Said Sadeghi came there last month. There popped up a video on which the singer, accompanied by other individuals including a woman, nude in a hotel room. The video is already a few years old was initially intended to extort the singer. There was an amount of money paid by the singer to the extortionists, however popped the video now anyway.

The video had great impact on the existence of the singer. On different social media channels were the images massively shared. A result was a video message from the singer in which he in tears told how the fork exactly in the shank. Also his wife placed a message in which she said her husband will be forever behind.

Since then, the Moroccan authorities seem in the background working on this case. As it turned out today, according to the Moroccan medium Assabah, there would be three suspects have been detained in the coastal town of Tangier. Furthermore, the Moroccan police have any other suspects in the visor, this is said to be in Spain would cease.

said sadeghi