Twenty-year sentence for brutal group rapist Ksar El Kbir

One of the suspects in the groepsverkrachtings case in Ksar El Kbir his judgment has been told.

It is a case that the town of Ksar El Kbir for longer time in his grip. By as many as seven man was an underage girl hostage, abused and raped. The emotional circumstances of this atrocity even went so far as to the victim in question had undertaken a suicide attempt, which thankfully for her, was prevented.

With six more suspects on the run was the head of the group recently for the Court in Tanger. Twenty years in prison still got the 20-year-old man against itself. Mainly because of the emotional circumstances, the extremely brutal way it had happened and the fact that the victim was a minor, were the reason for the judge to give him the most heavy penalty.

Ksar El Kbir is recent years often startled by this kind of heinous cases. Also when it comes to drug-related offenses and the high degree of insecurity on the streets, the northern town of high scores.

This case which recently was treated did very reminiscent of a similar thing a few years ago. In Larache, just west of Ksar El Kbir, a young woman committed suicide after being raped by her husband for years.

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