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Many it's probably already forgotten, but also in the United States had Lamjarred what have.

Saad Lamjarred, the popular Moroccan singer, who remains in custody on one thing at least is no need to worry. After to have found a workaround with the victim from New York, an Albanian woman, she would have withdrawn its indictment that they did in 2010. Especially considering the case now would she and her counsel against Lamjarred runs this middle ground have offered to the singer, according to the medium Al Arabiya.

In the United States in 2010 came Lamjarred briefly stuck after reporting rape by the Albanian. He was released on bail after which he moved to Morocco. Since then nothing until little with the thing done.

As we know, is still in custody in Paris Lamjarred now. He is suspected to have sexually assaulted a woman in his hotel room.

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