Police Ait-Melloul sweeps streets clean with great action

Last weekend it was up to the authorities in Ait-Melloul to order.

Last Thursday and Friday, it was equally scare for the average criminal around Ait-Melloul and Agadir. The local authorities already longer camps with small-scale crime in the region and briefly last week with there wanted to checkout.

According to the Moroccan news agency folder there are at least three arrests. A 26-year-old repeat offender who went on the streets with large knives and thus many victims made by robberies in broad daylight at the end of the day, found himself in a police cell. The same was true for a 20-year-old man who for many power failures caused by its copper theft, also he was nabbed.

Finally, in the Al Mazar was an even 17-year-old criminal in collared, he expressed himself with robbery. Furthermore, the authorities in Ait-Melloul also still working to track down drug dealers in the neighborhoods and cafes.

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