Cartooniste on list of 100 most influential Moroccan women

The Moroccan cartooniste Riham El Hour is by the BBC been named one of the 100 most influential women by 2016.

The 39-year-old El Hour is the first female cartoonist in the history of the country. Her passion began in her youth, when she already MWN according to the majority of her time to her artistic skills. In 2000 she won an award from UNESCO for her poster ' heritage protection '. This price turned out to be a real hit because since then she worked for several newspapers.

El Hour should be proud of its nomination because in the top 100 are renowned names such as Alicia Keys, Rachida Dati and Maria Zakharova. The BBC comes the yearly with this list and look at different sectors. Also on the list are other Arab women as professor Lubna cartooniste Doaa El Tahtamouni and Adl.

Condition for their nomination is that their work contributes something.

riham el hour