Fuss to absence King Mohammed VI at the French Summit in Madagascar

The absence of King Mohammed VI during the 16th French Top in Antananarivo in Madagascar has led to speculation.

Mohammed VI is on visit in Madagascar and therefore it was expected that he would come along for a while on top. Any official communication about this failed however. The French media point out therefore gladly to the past. The grandfather of the King and his family were banned for two years by the French colonial Government to Madagascar when the colonizer seized power.

Mohammed VI would therefore, as a matter of principle, not want to be present at such a Summit. Nothing from where, as responsive the Moroccan media. King Mohammed VI has at first a busy official schedule with touring a number of African countries. In addition, the Foreign Minister, Salaheddine Mezouar, present.

In this way it is always gone and therefore there is never reason to expect that the King is present. ' There is no reason to speculate, ' says Le360 about that.

salaheddine mezouar