Moroccan Highway administrator responds to protests

Employees of Moroccan Highway administrator filed a protest action ADM have work against ADM.

The highway administrator is not quite happy with the protest and has responded. Last week arose great jams at toll stations on the highways because there are too few stations were open. ADM now wants explanation on the case: ' We want to make it clear that such staff members for a share no direct employees of ADM. These employees by private companies that we use for certain services. They claim, inter alia, that ADM people direct recruits and not through external companies. They have no employment contract with us and we have given them no commitment of any kind ', falls into the statement read.

The spokesman goes on: ' ADM calls for dialogue with the competent authority. We always keep meetings for consultation and dialogue with partners to the quality of work, compliance with internal procedures, professionalism and to ensure compliance with the law. '

The delays in toll stations led not only to much irritation, also took out the topic news. ADM hopes to avoid losing face with the statement and return the rest.