Man in Morocco crosses brother dead after fight over piece of land

A row over land led in Taounate to a horrible crime in which two brothers played the lead role.

The drama took place in the rural area Moulay Abdelkrim, near Taounate and Fez. None of the villagers had ever have thought that a simple quarrel over land would lead to a fratricide. It all began on 23 november, when two brothers were unable to agree on the ownership of a plot. Because not talking helped decided one of the brothers have to go to extreme measures.

Felix e. hit his brother with a knife a few times and then to flee, leaving his brother in a pool of blood. The local population came to the haggling and alerted the emergency services. The victim was brought to the Hassan II hospital in Fes but the injuries were too serious. He died in the hospital.

The police then put a manhunt in on the culprit. Not long after that led to the arrest of the offender.

(Photo: Le360-Mohamed Elkho)