Police Casablanca grabs violent robbers gang on

A gang that neighborhoods in Casablanca for extended periods of time in the grip held was recently dismantled.

The police of the economic capital Casablanca, in the popular district of Sidi Bernoussi, has recently done a good job. The local authorities brought an end to a long period of violent and large-scale robbery by a gang that was always known in balaclavas. The criminal organization, four man, was over after one of their operations in the collar.

The Moroccan medium Al Massae came Sunday with the message. The gang did especially cafés and expensive shops in the District of Sidi Bernoussi. During their final robbery, taking them so also into the hands of Justice, in the District of Al Azhar had they captured about 100,000 dirham of cash and two booklets with bank checks of the café owner.

During their schroomden raided the gang members not to use force. It is known that they intimidated their victims with large swords and knives.