Three arrests Agadir for international drug smuggling

The authorities, among other things, Agadir, Ait Melloul and Ouarzazate have vigorous job.

The Moroccan medium Le360 recently came with message, according to police sources, that in collaboration with the authorities of Agadir, Ouarzazate and Errachidia, Ait Melloul there three key players in the international drug smuggling are picked up. The three suspects were said to be on in Ait Melloul, there they were all three in the House of one of the suspects nabbed.

This action was first initiated by the Chief of police of Agadir which in consultation with his colleagues in Ait Melloul and Errachidia further contact loved about the suspects.

The threesome is still detained and heard. It is unclear for what kind of drug smuggling to turn.