Zoo Ain Sebaa Casablanca soon in a new jacket (video)

The Zoo of Casablanca was thick to a renewal.

Not so long ago, animal park Ain Sebaa in Casablanca still under fire. There would include to be small pens for animals, neglect and also with the hygiene was not too good.

Including this criticism drew its conclusions and the management decided to a large-scale renovation. For quite some time on the road seems the reopening soon. It is expected that in March of next calendar year the Zoo open its doors. The Moroccan Le360 medium could not wait till that time and brought a visit to the zoo that have pressure in renovation is by aannemersbedrijf Casa Économiques.

Below the video of the visit of Le360: [video = youtube; O4mZhOJfUqo] https://www.youtube.com/watch? v = O4mZhOJfUqo [/video]

ain sebaa