Pedo monster Morocco gets 15 years imprisonment

The appeal of ' the pedo of Salé ' has for him personally negative unpacked by an increase in the penalty.

The case was the summer of last year, when the inhabitants of Bettana, Salé, found out there a pedophile in their midst. All his victims are minors. According to Al Akhbar got the pedophile initially ten years imposed and damages of 100,000 dirham which he per child had to pay. Families were quite enraged by the low penalty.

The 52-year-old pedophile got appeal eventually a prison sentence of 15 years. He was a familiar face by his internet cafe Riviera Golf, where he even had a small secret studio decorated for its young victims to film. Without that they knew the children were filmed. All material, including photos and child pornography material was seized by the police.

Confronted with the evidence he decided to confess for the Prosecutor and the judges. He would have made a total of thirty victims.