Morocco looks with interest to new non-permanent UN members

In January 2017 five new non-permanent members chosen for the UN Security Council and that is interesting for Morocco.

Morocco currently has many disadvantage when two countries covered by the current five told: Angola and Venezuela are in favour of the Polisario and who serve their place so soon. Therefore, new opportunities arise for Morocco to defend the national case at the Security Council. Also UN chief Ban Ki-moon, with whom Morocco bad links, is preparing his departure.

New countries include Sweden, Bolivia and Ethiopia. The threesome would be willing to defend the separatist movement Polisario, said Akhbar Al Yaoum. Mohamed Haddad, a member of the Polisario and responsible for contact with MINURSO, flew last week to the Swedish capital to meet with some officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

He also met party leaders who for the Polisario. Ethiopia is also an interesting country. That country is basically pro-Polisario but King Mohammed VI visited the Ethiopian Prime Minister recently and there would be some movement in his best. The new UN Chief, by the way, is the former Prime Minister of Portugal, Antonio Guterres.