Beautiful works of art on Moroccan beaches

The French artist Sam Dougados has invited by the French Institute in Essouira created beautiful works of art.

Dougados is known for his expertise in Beach art and that he left again. The artist was last month in Morocco to his work on the deserted beaches. In conversation with designboom Dougados told about his work. The result is grandiose and knew the spectators briefly to amaze. His drawings are inspired by Arabic calligraphy-Moulid Nidouissadan artist and see on the beaches of Imsouane and Essaouira.

By the flood, they were only a few hours. Dougados, also sculptor, says art beach beautiful to find because he has a lot of room where he can let his people knowledge work. "Often I look at the beach without the know what I make, I go with my imagination must improvise, ' he says, among other things, on his Facebook page.

' This work is volatile, green and accessible to many people. It gives those who want to look than their towels something beautiful. ' View his work .