Despite rainfall huge price increase in food and beverages Morocco

There is a lot of precipitation detected recently in Morocco, with strangely enough prijsstijgen.

Farmers in Morocco currently experience a very favorable period. By the recent rainfall all over the Kingdom, there are a lot of worries taken away at the average farmer. Funnily enough, reports the Moroccan medium Ahdath Al Maghribia, is that rainfall is not reflected in the price development of basic necessities in the country. One takes even a real price rise where, among other things, vegetables and fish and meat.

The medium questioned different house mothers on markets and which therefore generally did all their complaint. Most indicated, as far as possible, to keep certain matters that were not required for the household and cooking. In order to give a picture of the increases: for different vegetables one pays soon 4 to 6 dirham more per kilogram. Tomatoes have the price ceiling of 5 dirham per kilogram exceeded and for potatoes is more than 6 dirham will be charged.

At the fish market is the price rise also. For sardines, in Casablanca 18 dirham per kilogram paid, whiting goes for 70 dirham over the counter and tongue finally is available for around 60 dirham.

Retailers and wholesalers explain the price hike by the increase in costs in transportation, caused by the recent rainfall.

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