Noteworthy: 1366 deaths and wounded 22 on Moroccan roads last week

Road safety is still a huge problem in Morocco, they also showed again last week.

The numbers do not lie, last week it did it again on the Moroccan roads. The Moroccan umbrella Police Organization (DGSN) recently announced the figures in terms of deaths and injuries due to traffic accidents. From no less than 1019 accidents there were 22 human lives to regret and there were injured, 55 of these being there 1366 serious injuries to our pockets.

The DGSN is very concerned about this trend in the number of victims of traffic violence. Despite the large number of speeding tickets issued, a whopping 33,069, recovery of driving licences and seizures of vehicles there appears to be little effect in the traffic behavior.

The DGSN writes this alarming number of especially to the behavior of drivers themselves. Reckless driving, insufficient maintained vehicles and ignoring the most basic traffic rules, are the basis of these enormous losses daily in Morocco.