Royal Air Maroc and Qatar Airways work together

The Qatari airline and Royal Air Maroc to work together and use each others ' lines '.

L'Eceonomiste reports that Qatar Airways expects that RAM is ready to cooperate in the field of lines. Also, there are conversations going on about the fact that the Qatari company wants to buy a share at RAM. That leaves Abkar Al Baker, CEO of Qatar Airways, know opposite Moroccan media. The discussions with the Government run on this.

The companies are already about sharing lines. This increases their global reach with about fifty destinations. RAM sees doors open to the Middle East, Australia and Asia via Doha and Qatar Airways sees West Africa beckon via Casablanca. Qatar Airways will by the destinations merger plans additional flights to Casablanca and Marrakech.

Other destinations like Fes and Agadir have to follow later. RAM currently flies three times a week to Doha and there should be a fourth recover from december. In the next six months there will be a fifth. Qatar Airways is also of the opinion that more needs to be done to the operational capacity on Mohamed V.

One would also like to see that the standard of service goes up.

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