Saad Lamjarred risk losing up to 25 years in prison in u.s. After extradition

In addition to concerns in Paris Lamjarred possible also a bad prospect in New York.

As quickly as he came, so fast it again backward with the Moroccan singer Saad Lamjarred. The artist is since 2010 on bail departed from the United States after a complaint from a Lady of rape. The case seemed strained for a long time but recently takes surprising twists to, according to the Moroccan medium Le360. The editors of the same medium has of the public prosecutor of the district Brooklyn, New York received confirmed that one seriously studying a request of extradition.

If it comes to that, and after Lamjarred's case in France is put on trial, the 31-year-old singer a prison sentence of up to 25 years against itself claimed to be able to hear. Recently made known that his counsel had found a workaround with the American Lamjarred victim and would have withdrawn its indictment. Nevertheless, it is still possible that the American legislation from the public prosecutor, without charge of a victim, the case can bend and him for the Court may days.

A huge line through the account of Lamjarred who initially came for a concert in France. There he would be in a hotel room have sought a lady to edges or otherwise sexually intimidating.

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