Abdi with still warm feelings for sc Heerenveen (video)

Abdi has been quite some time back in Netherlands and would be a sporting stay here.

In an interview with sc Heerenveen let outside player Abdi on his current situation and his choices of the past few years. The international is currently a free agent after his contract with the dissolution of the Emiratische Al Ahli. There lay the sporting prospect on a back burner so that the attacker decided to end the cooperation.

Back in Netherlands prepares the earlier revelation of the Eredivisie for his sporting comeback. ' There is a great deal of interest and I'm glad people remember me ', says Abdi. ' It is also true that I played one and a half years ago in the Premier League. I hope that there is now a good opportunity and that I can play in the spotlight. Netherlands in football would be fantastic. I have warm feelings at Heerenveen, so if that option exists I will start thinking. However, there is currently nothing. '

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