Morocco with African ICT price

Morocco is a leader in the field of software coding and young people.

' African Code Week ' is an initiative for children and young people on the African continent to become interested in encoding software.With 165.352 trained young people and young people a participation ratio of 0.47% per 100,000 inhabitants, Morocco is at the top of the list of thirty African countries who took part in this event that was held from 15 to 23 October.Cameroon came as second out of the bus with 0.26 percent young people per 100,000 inhabitants that deals with encryption, Lesotho came in third place with a bet of 0.24 percent, reports Moroccoworldnews.

The general aim of the ' African Code Week ' is to in 2025 some five million young people on the continent with basic coding skills.The target for the ' African Code Week ' this year was to the participation of young people in Africa to reach 150,000. With the total participation rate of young people who complete the program is about 427,000 African this goal considerably.