Fees of Moroccan parliamentarians still blocked

In the absence of the formation of a Government Comptroller-General of the Kingdom, Haisam Bensouda, still no instructions given to the fees to be paid to members of Parliament.

According to the weekend edition of the daily newspaper Assabah ordered Noureddine Bensouda, faced with the blocking situation in which the political landscape wrong, the non-payment of the fees of the 395 parliamentarians.The elected members of Parliament are technically unemployed since the opening of the Parliament in October last year. As a result, different files blocked, such as that of the ' Finance Bill ' for the year 2017. The sources of Assabah claim that Benssouda is not able to pay a single dirham nor to authorize payment reminders, because he still has received no instructions from the speaker of the House of representatives.Assabah claims to have been in contact with parliamentarians who have borrowed money to buy new clothes or cars in order to "worthy" of their new role as members of Parliament, after which they now are in trouble after blocking the fees.Also other parliamentarians are in a very difficult situation. Some of them were deprived of their usual salaries of civil servants after their election, as prescribed in the regulations. Assabah pointed out that room only members who are employed in the private sector or working in a profession succeed in this problem.

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