Premier League weekend closed with three Moroccan hits

Three Moroccan goals we hold about the bottom of the stripe of this round.

The Premier League is already two weeks after the international flag period. Throughout the weekend there were three hits from Moroccan brokerage. Below an overview the goals per game:

With minute differences in the average of the Eredivisie Excelsior currently occupied the twelfth place. Last night entered the course with the man who the week before with two hits to equal game against Vitesse, Hicham Amin. That same Faik also proved against AZ Alkmaar to make a difference. In a thrilling contest where the target points over and over again fell signed the 23-year-old midfielder for the fourth goal of the season.

After the ball past the Centre spot to have surreptitiously taken away by AZ player Ilias Bel Hassani, he gave him on Hasselbaink who made to the sixteen metres area. Once there, he got the ball for the feet after which Florentino from left and was successful with left direction enemy target. Faik made the denunciation itself and 3-2 but AZ Alkmaar pulled the score by the hit of Walton.

Faik made the entire encounter full on the field while Bel Hadj early to the side was extracted for Alireza Jahanbakhsh.

Utrecht began as usual with her Moroccan trio in the basics: Nacer Babatunde, Yassin Ayoub and Sofyan Amrabat. ADO was and is Ashraf El Mahdioui the only Moroccan player on the contest form, he also started at the kick-off. ADO what plagued by financial and governmental unrest also could not thrive on the field against a Utrecht what in form is.

The opening goal was created by none other than Babatunde. The attacker knew with this goal his third hit of the season in the Eredivisie. What perhaps was more beautiful than the goal was the preparatory work of Ayoub. Just before the end line he gave, after what Hague players to have sent into the Woods, the ball nicely on Babatunde consisting of half a turn his commitment.

FC Utrecht is by this win moved up to the seventh spot on the rankings.

Overall view of a match that almost completely directed by the Locals. As important as that is, he was today also, Hakim Ziyech. Not so much in game given the few number of actions and successful crosses, all the more for its power goals from the penalty spot. After a questionable foul on wing attacker Anwar El Ghazi be arbitrator Serdar Gözübüyük to the dot.

After some insistence of El Ghazi because he himself wanted to take the penalty kick ended up yet Ziyech behind the ball the right pole was his intended direction. low shot almost reversed by goalkeeper Sergio Padt. Nevertheless, a redemptive goal as Ajax with the risky ahead of 1-0 the end of the match approached.

Still later got the Moroccan international still a penalty kick. This was eventually reversed by the goalkeeper of Groningen. Ziyech is currently on 5 goals and 6 assists. Next week, the ex-boss of Ziyech, the Locals take it than in the Grolsch Veste on against FC Twente.

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