One of the world's most-wanted smugglers arrested in Casablanca

The discovery of a new drug trafficking route between Morocco and Europe inspired the creation of an international research unit.

The research was led by the Italian police, which in October led to the arrest of one of the world's most sought after hashish smugglers.International research took three years to complete and ran through three continents before this led to the capture of'm Zaara Bacon, a Moroccan businessman, on 4 October in Casablanca.The accused, 57 years, is the owner of a well-known dessert company in Morocco. To his arrest was Bacon managed to 400 tons hashish, worth billions of dollars, from Morocco to Europe to smuggle through a newly created route that ran along the coast of North Africa. First to Libya, then to Egypt and finally to the Balkans, where European drug distributors was waiting for the drugs.
Italian researchers, which were later joined by American DEA and other European law enforcement entities, names the past 3 years successfully hashish with a total value of $3.2 billion to complete. As published in the New York Times, agents of the Italian anti-drug unit collected information on the involvement of the suspect at the new hashish route. The investigation came to a head on October 4 of this year when Bacon was arrested. According to the Italian police was the suspect after three years of detective work in his apartment in Casablanca raids, an event that only public last Thursday in the news came. In a public statement said Francesco Mazzotta, the Commander of the Italian police who led the study, the following: "Bacon is undoubtedly one of the largest hashish smugglers in the world. His capture is the result of a massive investigation which was carried out by European police forces around the Mediterranean Sea. "