Meiden van Halal have regret T

The sisters Jihad and Hajar Alariachi, presenters, Filmon, also known as the girls of Halal, look back with remorse on the much discussed tv interview that they had in 2007 with comedian Hans Teeuwen in the one-time program Bimbo's & burkas.

"I am sorry for that conversation," said Jihad Monday in de Volkskrant. She knew for their discussion said it was not even know who Hans Teeuwen. "I especially regret the way we conducted the discussion. We listened, "adds H there. According to Jihad, the girls, now as ' ' Mama's by a tv comeback, grown in it. "In our new series we are less out on confrontations and discussions and we're more looking for conversations and agreements."

The sisters despite the painful experience anyway would love it to be T again speak, though it is still unclear whether that will succeed. "Hans has very busy in London, but we keep in touch," says Stanley. "We hope he wants to in our program in conversation on freedom of expression, he was allowed in Netherlands and time again soon. He is now, of course, become a father, maybe we now have something more in common. "

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