IMF calls for more efficient tax system in Morocco

The IMF calls for accelerated reforms of the tax system to this more effectively, in particular by broadening the tax base and strengthening the fight against fraud.

That is one of the most important key points of the IMF mission, which visited the Kingdom of 16 november to 1 december 2016, as part of the annual consultations on the basis of article IV for 2016, reports Lefr360.The Mission notes that, in terms of the budget, the developments to the end of september in line with the objective of GDP in 2016, with the expected deficit of 3.5%. However, over the medium term, "the reforms to the system run more efficiently and to make a fair tax system be accelerated", emphasizes the IMF mission.This would be the broadening of the tax base and strengthening the fight against fraud. These efforts would, according to the mission, to investment in infrastructure, health and education support and reduce public debt."Even if the debt is sustainable and able to resist various shocks, the reduction will increase the budgetary room for manoeuvre," said the IMF. In addition, dealing with risks attached to the budgetary decentralization a good governance, transparency and budgetary discipline in the local and regional authorities need. The mission supports the continuing efforts in this area ".