Last call for renewal paper licence in Morocco

The Ministry of transport, public works and Water Management has issued a final reminder for drivers who have not yet renewed their paper licence. This will soon be canceled.

The Ministry of transport launched a new information campaign in which directors are inviting to their paper licences to renew and to do this as soon as possible. The Ministry want off of paper licences and at renewal you get instead a pass, reports Lefr360.Motorists who do not comply with this obligation in due time are at risk. In the case of control by the traffic police driving licence will be withdrawn and you will receive a fine of 300 dirham.  A revoked driver's license mean in this that you don't get more back and again driving test should do.Should anyone still continue once the licence has been withdrawn already, the one chance on a prison sentence according to the Moroccan legislation for driving without a valid driver's license.

driver's license