Scratched car with swastika wake up call for inadequate approach Hilversum

The municipality of Hilversum should tackle discrimination, racism and anti-Semitism such as domestic violence, says Labour councillor Saami Aa.

He responds shocked at what he calls the anti-Semitic hate crime that happened to a Jewish person, where anonymous perpetrators bekrasten her car with swastikas. As the fight against discrimination the same priority as tackling domestic violence, put the police specially trained agents on this high impact crimes and the perpetrators to justice; even without declaration. Tomorrow the lower House of Parliament on a motion of Ahmed Marcouch (PvdA) to that effect.AA is outraged by the accusation of police that the endangered businesswoman not called 112. This means that the police wanted to deal with discriminatory vandalism as a simple destruction. AA: "Nothing simple destruction, this is a hate crime that fear would driving under all inhabitants with a Jewish background and want to poison our society with hatred. That I cannot accept. Hilversum has a society in which people feel safe enough to make contacts, to go to school, to live and work here without fear "Police officers must be in their approach to this type of hate crimes determined. AA asks the Mayor to the police chief to insist on topical trained agents who are sensitive for the current society: "police officers working in the capillaries of our society, they should understand that a simple check mark on a questionnaire is not sufficient. "The Dutch Labour Party in Hilversum has Council questions to Mayor Pieter Broertjes. AA: "I find that discrimination-based violence should be taken just as seriously as, for example, domestic violence, when police straight to the crime scene, take pictures of the situation and of the bruising and a medical examination immediately follows. So it should be at this discriminatory vandalism. I want the victims feel protected and secure with us know in Hilversum, the Netherlands. "The PvdA wants the victim at this kind of drastic events well supported. AA: ' I hope on Mayor Brothers who present is. And provides a neighborhood research. Comments like "you need to call 112 had" concerns only for more distance between the police and the citizen. In a time full of tensions is that life-threatening. I long back to the time when I can say that "the police is my best friend."Recently found that only 25% of the punishable discrimination-based violence for the right. AA suggests that Hilversum with priority going to act according to the battle plan discrimination according to Marcouch motion, in which the Minister is dedicated to combat all forms of discrimination concentrated, with bijgespijkerde agents and prosecutors, as well as deployment of teachers; and by probation staff who perpetrators re-educate. AA: "if it is good, will be Tuesday (motion of Marcouch) voted. It would be nice if this is adopted. "