Morocco gets blood donation target World Health Organisation not

With 297,000 blood donors knew Morocco not the desired goal of the World Health Organization.

On ' National Blood Donation Day ' came a whopping 297,000 Moroccans their donate blood. This represents 0.9% of the total population, not the percentage you want what the World Health Organization. Yesterday showed the number of which corresponds to two thirds of the target set by the WHO, said Morocco World News.

On this attendance does the Secretary General of the National Health Organization of Morocco, Mohammed Kaamuil. He says it's due to the shortage of accommodations and resources is that there is such a low turnout. As an example he mentions the economic capital Casablanca. In this metropolis would be only one blood donation center that also takes care of surrounding cities and villages.

Kaarthik argues that it is now important is to this problem in the national politics. Should this subject on the basis of campaigns get more attention in the form of investments and extensions.

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