Moroccan Government let itself Baby pronunciation about critical to Russia

Benkirane's statement about the role of Russia in Syria is not good cases at the Russians.

Recently did the current Prime Minister of Morocco, Baby, Duncan sharp statements toward Russia. The Prime Minister took out opposite Quds Press forward to the handselswijze and the share of Russia in the dramatic events that are now occurring in Syria. ' What the Syrian regime against its own people now does with the support of the Russians exceeds all humanitarian borders. Russia would rather delve into a solution instead of still deeper to interfere in the conflict. '

This ruling was led to the Ambassador of Morocco to visit Russia in the Foreign Affairs Minister of the North African country. The official gave to to worry about the Baby's pronunciation which is done in the media. According to him, would this statement contribute to the illusion that Russia is responsible for the destruction in the country.

The Moroccan Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian responded by indicating that what has brought out Baby not completely consistent with how the Moroccan Government sees the conflict.

Morocco stands for a peaceful settlement of this conflict involving the stability and territorial integrity of the country. An intervention should be made by the international community as a whole in which the superpowers should adopt a leading role.

Finally, the band as now with Russia is stable. The King is the one that maintains diplomatic relations, there was to read out the statement.

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