Fox Sports will broadcast next Africa Cups

The rights for the African tournament the next two editions in the hands of FOX Sports.

Where we formerly from the Benelux via Eurosport admired the African tournament, this will be the next two editions through sport giant FOX Sports. The transmitter made this known today through the official channels. The next Africa Cup and 2019 fall so in the hands of FOX Sports.

Recently made Eurosport known the African Cup only in Great Britain and Ireland go out and so no longer on their Benelux-channels. Fox Sports makes further well-known apart from the regular broadcast of matches also extended summaries and analyses of connoisseurs of the African football to go take care of.

Morocco's matches will see on channel FOX Sports 2. Except, of course, the FOX Sports has beIN Sports rights. Enough features to the matches still to be able to watch if you're not FOX Sports Subscriber.

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