Moroccan transport company connect millions of contracts with major European brands

It is the Moroccan transport company Dislog huge for the wind.

There are golden times for the Moroccan carriers company Dislog. Recently knew the three beautiful to win contracts with leading clients, total value of about 200 million dirham. The company is a partnership with Wella Koleston, Duracell, respectively and the German Beiersdorf what does business in beauty accessories and care products (Nivea, Hansaplast and L). These contracts give the company exclusive rights to distribute the products over to Morocco.

The CEO of Dislog, Mehdi Balladares, let know the following about this deal in a press release: ' We are very pleased to work with these clients. This cooperation will generate about 200 million dirham go and makes it possible for us to create some 30 additional jobs. '

With more than 90,000 employees all over the country Dislog is a household name in the Moroccan transport sector.

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