Moroccan Boxer Hassan Saada soon for Brazilian judge

A few hours before the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games was Saada handcuffed.

Hassan Saada who travelled to Rio for the Olympics soon had the scoop. A few hours before the opening ceremony of the global event meeting Strip he themselves to two cleaning lady in the Olympic village, this came to him later on an arrest and indictment. According to the Moroccan medium Al Massae to Saada 15 december for the Brazilian judge go answer for his apparent crime. Recently tried the Moroccan Consulate in the country to move to court the case of Saada in Brazil. This request, however, disappeared in the trash.

A few days after his arrest was Saada again released through his counsel. The days that followed were spent in bars in the city. The Moroccan Boxing Federation brought the same period another statement that the innocence of the 22-year-old fighter was advocated. Saada has obviously never his first fight with the Turk Mehmet Nadir Unal.

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