Morocco and Spain important meeting ministers on security

Recently found there a crucial meeting between Spanish and Moroccan authorities.

In times of uncertainty and insecurity is cooperation crucial, as recognized also the Spanish and Moroccan interior ministers. They came together in Rabat accompanied by the Chief of police of Morocco and Spain, the ambassadors of both countries and people within safety authorities. The main focus of these consultations was to be on the fight against terrorism, alongside other security issues were also discussed.

Both were ministers during the conversation know very satisfied with the cooperation as it now exists. Would the Princes of both Nations also have had an important share, King Mohammed VI and King Felipe VI. It was decided to go with each other even closer cooperation.

In the field of the fight against terrorism, it was agreed that more targeted actions, searches and checks must be initiated to curb the emergence of terrorist cells. Another important topic was the action taken against the authorities of the countries where drug smuggling for years are up against. Especially the area around Gibraltar has much activity when it comes to smuggling. Here will be a targeted approach.

The last topic of conversation was to prevent or at least stabilize the migratory flows. This would, having regard to the provisions of the Human Rights, acted appropriately.

Bottom line what came from this consultation was that security services should work together more and more.