More than 50% of the Moroccans to abolish death penalty

Most of Morocco want off of the death penalty.

There was recently a poll held in Morocco by the HCP (High Commission of Planning) to map out how the Moroccans face the death penalty. Already since 1993 is no longer carried out in the Kingdom, however there are in the meantime though 122 persons convicted. To monitor how Morocco is to achieve the sustainability goals of the United Nations, the 17 HCP to the streets.

In virtually every region was presented with the question whether or not people for the abolition of the death penalty. This resulted in 47.8% 52.2% for and against. However, it was noted that in urban areas rather than for an abolition was surveyed in the countryside, this wanted to hold the death penalty and in some cases even again in the practice.

From another study has shown that 80% of the Moroccan people there confident that those 17 goals of the United Stations can be reached in 2030. Fifty percent of those surveyed gave to the past five years to have all his/her behavior adapted to this.

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