Policeman from Guelmim accused of sexual harassment school girls

A local women's Association filed a complaint with the DGSN about a policeman from Guelmim.

The complaint recently landed on the desk of Abdellatif Ha, Director-General of the national security. According to the daily newspaper Assabah sent a local women's Association from Guelmim a complaint to a police officer the DGSN in which they accuse of sexual harassment against young students and high school students, most of which are minors.According to the President of these women Association, who acted on behalf of the parents ' Association of Guelmim, this scandal was revealed by the teachers of the different local schools. From fear of being forbidden to study and by their conservative parents to be forced to stay at home, gave the victims prefer to the harassment to report it to the teachers, who outraged at these repeated confessions called with the ' women's Association for the fight against sexual harassment.In a telephone interview with the daily newspaper Assabah said Aminatou El Hamed, President of the women's Association, that some minors were approached by the police officer on their way to school. Obscene comments, indecent gestures, touches and threats were the daily lot of many of these girls. According to the daily newspaper start multiple victims, scared by authoritarianism and the corrupt behavior of the policeman, to show signals of mental disorders.In response to the complaint to the DGSN, in which all these data were recorded, was requested to immediately to start an investigation and for taking disciplinary action against the guilty party.

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