Badr and Rico ready after staredown and weighting (video)

All you need to know about the eye-catcher of tomorrow!

In april of this year something happened during broadcast of Pep Talk by Ziggo Sport what a promised the match where very Netherlands tomorrow looks forward to. Reigning world champion Rico Verhoeven tightened itself on his neck to be on live television when the darned Badr Hari from the tent. Verhoeven saw something in a farewell game of for Hari and challenged him so. Not much later one could through social media channels of Badr Hari that the challenge was entered into: ' Challenge Accepted '. Between the adoption of the challenge and the time of the official press conference of Glory was just Verhoeven who was speaking in the Dutch media.

At Glory if finally Hari are say, it resulted in a sight at the press conference. Many analyst, journalist and former kick boxer, including Remy Bonjasky, noticed clearly that Hari had prevailed during the round of questions the mental. Verhoeven was remarkably quiet and in terms of wording and choice of words was pretty careful. Also during the stare-down, the moment the fighters with clenched fists face each other, pulled Hari the attention. To still unknown reason, he left the room when the time was.

If we get the statistics than both opponents seem very risky against each other. Hari as veteran and Verhoeven as new champion, even more exciting is if we deal with it the promise of Hari. He indicated several times, like his personal trainer Mike P, that Verhoeven is leaving the ring to knock out. So exciting!

Place: König Pilsener Arena (Oberhausen, Germany)
Time: starting at 21:45 (uk time)
transmitter: Ziggo Sports (channel 14 for Ziggo digital subscribers)

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