DGSN launches new program to risky to secure infrastructure

Morocco's Directorate of national security (DGSN) is planning to launch a program to protect "sensitive infrastructure on terrorism".

Looking to the stability of the Kingdom, aims to increase its efforts to DGSN "every potential act of terrorism or a disturbance that adversely affect the strategic progress of the country", Thus Hespress.Since his appointment by King Mohammed VI as Director-General by DGSN last year, Abdellatif Ha the project given priority within the framework of the "securing of Morocco's stability by shielding the sensitive infrastructure such as ports, airports and dams, which are highly exposed to criminal threats ".
Speaking to Hespress, an informed source said: "This new program is aimed at classifying the more important critical infrastructure of each city relative to the minor, on the basis of the risks that they may get ".The same source continued: "DGSN will organize an event next Wednesday for the security officials putting the final touches to this program before it enters into force".