' Razzia ': new film of Nabil Ayouch highlights social injustice in Morocco

Following his controversial film ' Much Loved ', better known as ' Phrase Li Fik ', is the Moroccan-French film director Nabil Ayouch working on a new film entitled ' Razzia ' social injustice in Morocco, in which he highlighted.

In an interview with the American entertainment magazine Variety, Ayouch revealed that ' Raid ' is primarily focused on social issues, such as the difference between upper and lower classes and the freedom of expression, an issue that relates to all Moroccans, regardless of their social status. Furthermore, the film about the intolerance between social groups and "the rising tendency that causes one despises each other"."These are dangerous times in the world," said Ayouch against Variety. "We have seen this with the election of Donald Trump in the US and the rise of the far right in Hungary, Austria and France. Demagoguery leads in a new way, and there is a new form of cultural hegemony-we see similar developments in the Arab world ".' Razzia ' is being filmed in Ouarzazate, the Atlas mountains and Casablanca. The film is made up of five separate stories, one of which dates back to the year 1980 in the Atlas mountains. The remaining four storylines take place in the current Casablanca, reports Moroccoworldnews.

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