Qatari in Casablanca kidnaps and tortures his wife's lover

It seems like a scene from a heart-stopping action film, but nothing could be further from the truth.

A former soldier from Qatar living in Casablanca, the lover of his Tunisian woman kidnapped and tortured after he discovered a photo of their joint adventure on Facebook.The charges against the Qatari are creation of a criminal gang and kidnapping and torture. The examining magistrate of the Court of appeal in Casablanca is currently investigating this matter, while the suspect in the prison is Manikandan, Assabah today reports in the weekend edition.According to the newspaper, the suspect living in Casablanca with his wife of Tunisian descent. He had discovered a picture on Facebook of his wife in the company of an equally Tunisian loved one. From that moment decided the Qatari that he would take revenge and he began with the recruitment of Tunisians who would help him to "correct" his wife's lover.The sources of all information about the suspicious Assabah claim that the lover and then collected in the fall to lure. To achieve this, he resorted to two Tunisian men and a woman that managed to lure the victim to Moroccan territory.Once the lover in Morocco arrived, they kidnapped him and brought him to the villa of the Qatari where he was tortured. After his release, the lover complained to the public prosecutor. But when the Qatari was arrested, the three other members of the criminal gang the Moroccan territory already left.The lover decided later its indictment against the Qatari executioner not to continue after an agreement between the two men was closed in which the lover several million dirham would get, but the Prosecutor still went to prosecution over, arrested the man and issued a search warrant against the other three members of the criminal gang.